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Red Diesel
This price is subject to change based on market conditions.

Non Approved Coals

House Coal ~ Ideal for open fires, but may only be used on multi-fuel stoves and Rayburn-type cookers when recommended by the appliance manufacturer and when Smoke Control Regulations do not apply

Columbian Trebles

Columbian Large Cobbles

Burnwell ~ Our favourite! Easy to light briquettes shaped for the right amount of air to circulate around to feed the flame. It’s low ash content means that the briquette burns all the way through leaving little ash to clean and dispose of at the end giving you more time to enjoy the heat and less work. A great product at a low price

Heat (Stoveglow)  ~ A highly reactive, high heat, high flame solid fuel for use on Open Fires and Multi-fuel stoves. Non approved for smokeless areas. Manufactured from a high proportion of Pet Coke, care should be taken that the high heat does not damage fire bars or closed appliances – Please refer to manufacturers instructions.

Approved Smokeless Coals

Multi ~ a new product, low ash, easy to light, stays in all night and burns with a reasonable heat output.  Comes in 20kg bags but works out slightly cheaper, per kg, than the market leader Excel

Welsh Anthracite Stove Nuts ~ A natural smokeless fuel providing excellent heat and low ash.

Supertherm ~ A quality large manufactured smokeless briquette which provides a long lasting and easily controllable heat source.

Excel  ~ A very high quality clean burning, approved smokeless fuel ideal for open fires and also multi-fuel stoves.

Taybrite ~ A multi-purpose smokeless fuel for use in a wide range of appliances, including open fires, room heaters, multi-fuel stoves and boilers

Homefire ECoal 50 ~ Our newest product, having had brilliant reviews from our customers who seem to prefer it to Homefire’s other products. Ecoal50 combines 50% renewable plant material with high quality Welsh mined anthracite to produce a smokeless fuel that burns longer and hotter than house coal, while at the same time producing much less smoke and carbon dioxide.

Homefire Hexagonals/Ovals ~ for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow-burning Homefire Hex/ Ovals pack together to provide maximum heat and minimum waste.

Other Products


  • 3.9kg Propane
  • 6Kg Propane
  • 13Kg Propane
  • 19Kg Propane

Other sizes can be available on request


Kindling per packet/ net

Logs per net

Elsan Blue ~ 4 litre bottle. For all chemical toilets, waste holding tanks and cassettes. Kills germs and prevents odours to keep toilets safe, clean & fresh.

Elsan Green ~ 2 litre bottle.  Biological technology which works in a completely different way to conventional toilet fluids. No chemical smell. It’s a toilet rinse too!

BFresh Pink ~  2 litre bottle.  Use Pink in your top tank to clean & protect your toilet bowl, whilst keeping it free from germs & odours. Non-staining & suitable for all makes of chemical & cassette toilet

Morris K99 Grease ~ 500g   a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine applications where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion. K99 is suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings.  

Fuel Set ~  250ml. Fuel Set FCC is a complete fuel conditioner in one bottle. It will eliminate water from fuel systems, kill & dissolve the dreaded ‘diesel bug’, prevent filter blockage, reduce smoke emissions, prevent costly fuel related downtime and provide improved fuel economy. Use regularly to stay “trouble-free”.

Marine 16 ~ Diesel bug treatment is a biocide blend formulated especially for preventing or eradicating the fuel spoilage organisms known collectively as diesel bug. A 100ml bottle is sufficient to prevent diesel bug growth in 2000 ltrs of fuel. For serious contamination addition rates of 100ml to 100 ltrs may be required. Diesel bug treatment disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures.

Engine Oils Chandlery/Sundry Supplies

Morris Marine 10W-40  ~  5litres ~ High quality, multigrade engine oil designed for use in canal boats. The additive level has been chosen and optimised to prevent bore glazing or bore polishing, whilst keeping engine components clean and protecting them from wear and corrosion.

Morris 15W-40 ~ 5 litres ~ provides high levels of engine cleanliness, promoting efficient operation and improved fuel economy, as well as ensuring critical components are protected from wear under the most arduous conditions, including extended oil drain regimes.

Morris Golden Film SAE 30 Classic Oil ~ 5litres ~ High quality monograde engine oil designed for use in canal boat engines where this SAE may be required. Low detergent/dispersant lubricant, the perfect choice for light to reasonably loaded engines

Miscellaneous: Chandlery/Sundry Supplies

Cork Key Ring ~ floating cork key ring

Mooring Chains

Mooring Hooks 

Steel Windlass

Rubber Slim Jim Side Fender 

 Mooring Line

  • Set of 3 (2 x 10M & 1 x 12m) 14mm Black 
  • 10m
  • 12m

Rope Side Fenders 


  • Standard Button 
  • Long Button
  • V Fender (dwarf trousers)
  • Tip Cat

All fenders are handmade onboard our boats by us!                            

Ash Buckets Fireside Products
Traditionally painted in the Canal Art style of Roses & Castles (please click on Shop tab above for details and ordering

Coal Buckets Fireside Products
Traditionally painted in the Canal Art style of Roses & Castles (please click on Shop tab above for details and ordering. We can supply your coal too!