A selection of ceramicware painted for the gift shop.  Items range from coffee pots, teapots, vases to mugs.

Important note: These items are handpainted and usually ‘one offs’. They WILL NOT withstand hot water, dishwashers or harsh abrasives or scourers but should be fine when treated carefully as you would cut glass!

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Red Knobsticks Mug, Dark Blue Mug, Black Mug, Large Denby Powder Green Teapot, Large Dark Brown Denby Coffee Pot, Medium Yellow Coffee Pot, Large Yellow Teapot, Small Teapot ~Red, Small Teapot~Yellow, Small Teapot ~ Dark Brown, Large Light Brown Coffee Pot with Light Blue Lid, Black Coffee Pot, Light Green Twisted Vase, Large Dark Pink Teapot, Large Light Blue Lidded Jug, Large Royal Blue Teapot, Large Dark Brown Teapot, Teal Vase, Purple Vase, Small Dark Blue Lidded Jar, Medium Teapot ~ green


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